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VDP Portal Enhancements

First update of 2014 for VDP is up! We keep developing our management portal to meet your demands. So, we have 2 new features to make your life even easier.

Scheduled Publish
We realized how bothering it can be when you are frequently publishing new issues. If you have daily content, you had to manually publish issues every morning or so. But with the scheduled publish feature, you can now set different publish dates to different issues. When you try to publish an issue from Volumes menu on the VDP Portal, you are going to see a new popup with 2 options:

Also, you can always cancel a scheduled publish and set a new date.

Newsstand Atom Feed
Newsstand is an Apple iOS feature that allows your readers to access the latest issue of your magazine or newspaper. By achieving the simple instructions given on the portal, the metadata and cover image for the latest issue will be automatically presented on the App Store. To get more detail on this topic, browse the new menu item called iOS Newsstand Feed on the portal.

To access to the VDP Portal, navigate to