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New VDP now available

Need for speed? Here’s the new VDP platform with a number of major improvements that will save you time and effort when working with interactive content. Need a slide show with page indicators? Done! No HTML required. Want to see all pages in one place? Collection view is here to help. Ever fantasized about sliding a picture in all four directions instead of one? Been there done that.

The new platform brings additional features to our Manager and Viewer apps as well as the VDP portal and infrastructure for an optimal experience

Download the new Manager here and update your Viewer app from your mobile devices if you haven’t already done so.

1. Please make sure you remove any previous versions of VDP Manager and check that you’re always working with the latest build.
2. Don’t forget to request an app update to take advantage of these awesome new features!

Here are the details;

Collection View:
Easily collects and displays all of your pages in organized fashion. You can still add pages, copy & paste or zoom for optimal view.

vdp26_2 Small

Hold down the shift key for faster content replacements.

Multiple Edit:
Edit multiple values for animation and metrics.

Even Faster Page Transitions:
You’re probably not familiar with the term page-lagging. Well don’t be! But true story, many platforms have serious delay issues when sliding between pages. We know you don’t have such problems but we made it even better. You can now use the Preloaded Animation options to preload interactive widgets so they load in advance even if you request content from the web.

Scroll Widget:
Offset Values: Start a scroll from any direction. Simply add X,Y Offset values to position start of the scroll.

vdp26_1 Small

Slide Widget:

vdp26_3 Small

We noticed most of you have a hard time remembering your App ID so we added a drop down list for your convenience where you can easily access and select the Apps you host on VDP.

Fixed the issue (mostly seen on ver. 10.7) where file gets wiped out when Manager auto restarts or is forced to quit.