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VDP Manager v2.5 available for download

During our workshop in early March we’d mentioned we would feed you with regular updates and improvements based on your feedback. So here is a list of enhancements as promised. In this Update (2.5) we’ve been working mostly on usability improvements. Below you will see how you can benefit from each update. The new App is available for download here and also through the link within your current Manager App.


Cover Page Auto-Update: In outline view, each time you change the first page Manager will ask if you would like to change the cover of the magazine as well. If yes, magazine cover will update automatically. You can choose once and save your preference.

Hide Bars On Launch: We noticed many of you didn’t want the scroll bar to automatically appear on magazine launch. Since this is an important way to show readers how to navigate through the magazine we provided you with the option to close this feature in the inspector menu.

New Resize Options: We noticed sometimes it can be very frustrating trying to resize a widget and try not to mess the aspect ratio. This will fix your problems for good. We’ve updated the resize function so you can constrain the proportions when resizing an image, video or any other widget. You can also resize equally on all sides by pressing the Alt + Shift while moving any corner.

Drag & Drop Multiple Files: Probably one of the most awaited usability additions, you can now select multiple files and drag them onto VDP Manager’s work space. Manager will automatically recognize audio, video, pdf, HTML pretty much all formats and organize them in cascading order.

Retina, Non-Retina Transitions: When copying a page from retina to non-retina and vice versa you will now be asked to choose from one of two options. The first option will allow you to paste keeping the exact look and layout whereas the second option will allow to use original size of the assets when moving from Retina to Non-Retina.

Additional Improvements:
Handles and Cursors: Improved visuals on handles and cursors.
Visual Reminder: Added Retina display icon to remind type of document being worked on.
Easy Copy & Paste: We’ve made improvements to the copy and paste functions.