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VDP Manager and Viewer Apps now available for download

The new VDP Manager and Viewer apps are now publicly available for download on the app store and our website. Please update your current versions simply by going to the app store for Viewer and download the Manager app directly from our website here. We’ve made some changes to VDP Manager’s distribution policy. As Apple’s approval procedure has been taking longer than anticipated we’ve decided to arrange a direct download through our web site. So you will continue to get updates for the Viewer App from the App Store and get the new Manager manually from our Website but don’t worry we’ll give you a heads up should there be any update.

Below are some significant issues you might consider before updating to the new version. We hope you’ll enjoy working with the VDP and continue to build awesome content. Thank you and enjoy!

Removing previous versions of VDP Manager
Before downloading the new Manager App make sure you remove all previous versions from your Applications Directory and your Mac. Working with two managers simultaneously is technically possible but might cause conflicts in some configurations, you’ll not receive technical support in such instances.

Can I continue working on previous versions?
Technically yes, but we strongly encourage all users upgrade to the new Manager since you will receive very limited support for old versions. We allow working with previous versions only to ensure continuity and not to interrupt any work in progress. Imagine, if an update for Manager were to arrive in the Mac App Store and you were working on a new issue your work in progress would’ve been disrupted. So feel free to work on old version but only to finish the task at hand.

Does old version support new Viewer?
Currently no, but we’ve compiled a new build for the old version which supports the new Viewer. So, if you need to continue on the previous version please update it here and replace it with your current Manager App.