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VDP Portal enables sending Push Notifications

VDP users can now send push notifications right within our Portal. When you log in to VDP Portal you will see a new section named Push Notification on the left-side menu. In order to send a push notification, follow these simple steps:

  1. Add your certificate: If you have added a push certificate before, skip this step. Otherwise, select Certificate link from the menu and then press Add button. On that Upload Certificate form, provide your push notification production certificate as .p12 file and the password for it.
    Note: If you don't know how to obtain the p12 file, please refer to Local and Push Notification Programming Guide published by Apple. You need to achieve steps 1-7 on "Creating the SSL Certificate and Keys" and 1-3 on "Installing the SSL Certificate and Key on the Server".
  2. Make sure you have a valid certificate: On the certificates page, you will see the current push certificate. Make sure that it’s not expired. If it’s expired, go back to step 1 and replace the certificate with a newer one.
  3. List messages: Select Messages link on the menu. There you will see the list of previous messages with their title and send date.
  4. Send message: Press Send button. On the following form, provide a message name which is just for your future reference and won’t be seen by your users. Next, you need to enter at least one of three fiealds – text message, badge number and alert sound. Press Send and voila!