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New Year's First Bundle Update is Ready

Hey there, we've finally managed to come around a new update. We know you've been waiting for some time now, but the wait is over. Here are some improvements that will make your life easier and help you focus a little more on the good stuff. This is just the start, we will keep you posted with some really nice features and updates throughout the year. Thank you for being patient and don't forget to follow us. If you have any questions you know where to find us, info [at] vdpmag [dot] com


Widget Template: Turn any widget into a template and update multiple pages at once. To use this feature all you need to do is drag any widget under "Pages" in the Inspector Panel and drag it onto the "Template Widget List" right below.

VDPx File Extension: We’ve made major improvements to the VDP file structure and decreased file size more than %60 allowing to work, transfer and upload magazines much faster.

Server Restore: No more losing VDP files or back issues. If you need a copy of your VDP file just restore from our servers and download the latest copy. Please note that in order to be able to restore an issue you will need to have a successfully uploaded copy resting on our servers.

Version Control: Some of you like to work in teams or work from home. In this case, you may experience trouble working on the latest version of a VDP file, and in order to prevent any data loss we developed version control. Each time you login to our servers VDP will check to see if there is a more up-to-date version, thus eliminating conflict among multiple VDP files.

Table of Contents: Creating a Table of Contents is much easier now. Add all articles at once under the Inspector Panel, ToC.

Get VDP Manager v2.7 by clicking the download button below. Minimum System Requirements: OS X 10.9+



iOS 8.1.3 Update: Unclogged HTML5, video and tiny other issues that came with iOS 8 versions.



Online Payments: No more binding contracts. You can now easily start, manage or cancel your account with VDP anytime you see fit. Eliminate all the paperwork, zero in agreements and invoices. Simply Subscribe or Unsubscribe using your credit card under "Payments" option available within VDP Portal.

Scheduled Updates: Need to publish an issue midnight? No problem! You can now schedule a publish or update an issue without being present, just set the time and the servers will handle the rest.



Paid Subscriptions is now available on Android based smartphones. You can easily create your Android App directly within the VDP Portal and add paid subscription options with a single click. Configure your Android App today and engage with a broader audience, absolutely free.


Bug Fixes: We've also squished some serious bugs that caused serious inefficiencies.

VDP Portal Enhancements

First update of 2014 for VDP is up! We keep developing our management portal to meet your demands. So, we have 2 new features to make your life even easier.

Scheduled Publish
We realized how bothering it can be when you are frequently publishing new issues. If you have daily content, you had to manually publish issues every morning or so. But with the scheduled publish feature, you can now set different publish dates to different issues. When you try to publish an issue from Volumes menu on the VDP Portal, you are going to see a new popup with 2 options:

  • Publish Now – Basically works the same as before. The issue will be published right away.
  • Scheduled Publish – Set the date and time, we’ll do the rest! The issue will be published when you set. (Note that this option uses your local timezone)

Also, you can always cancel a scheduled publish and set a new date.

Newsstand Atom Feed
Newsstand is an Apple iOS feature that allows your readers to access the latest issue of your magazine or newspaper. By achieving the simple instructions given on the portal, the metadata and cover image for the latest issue will be automatically presented on the App Store. To get more detail on this topic, browse the new menu item called iOS Newsstand Feed on the portal.

To access to the VDP Portal, navigate to

Final Update of the Year

Our final update of the year comes with several fixes and improvements for VDP Manager. The new Manager offers two additional viewing options, Outline being the default, Spread View and Collection View, both for better viewing and organizing your content.

We had an issue where pages with HTML content wouldn’t appear on thumbnails, so we thought ¨let’s not have that problem again¨. Finally we made some stability improvements and squished some bugs that caused loss of content in some instances.

So go ahead and download the new Manager and have a great new year.


iOS 7 Updates


Since Apple announced the launch of its much spoken iOS 7 Update for today we’ve been working hard to maintain our systems and developed a series of fixes for the new operating system standard.

We are happy to announce that all VDP applications are now ready for iOS7 and have been submitted to Apple for approval. Your app should be available for update very soon. So sit tight and watch for releasing your app as soon as it becomes available.

Please contact Support in VDP Portal if you come across any problems with the new update.

New VDP now available

Need for speed? Here’s the new VDP platform with a number of major improvements that will save you time and effort when working with interactive content. Need a slide show with page indicators? Done! No HTML required. Want to see all pages in one place? Collection view is here to help. Ever fantasized about sliding a picture in all four directions instead of one? Been there done that.

The new platform brings additional features to our Manager and Viewer apps as well as the VDP portal and infrastructure for an optimal experience

Download the new Manager here and update your Viewer app from your mobile devices if you haven’t already done so.

1. Please make sure you remove any previous versions of VDP Manager and check that you’re always working with the latest build.
2. Don’t forget to request an app update to take advantage of these awesome new features!

Here are the details;

Collection View:
Easily collects and displays all of your pages in organized fashion. You can still add pages, copy & paste or zoom for optimal view.

vdp26_2 Small

Hold down the shift key for faster content replacements.

Multiple Edit:
Edit multiple values for animation and metrics.

Even Faster Page Transitions:
You’re probably not familiar with the term page-lagging. Well don’t be! But true story, many platforms have serious delay issues when sliding between pages. We know you don’t have such problems but we made it even better. You can now use the Preloaded Animation options to preload interactive widgets so they load in advance even if you request content from the web.

Scroll Widget:
Offset Values: Start a scroll from any direction. Simply add X,Y Offset values to position start of the scroll.

vdp26_1 Small

Slide Widget:

    Vertical Slides: Need more room for creativity? You can now add vertically sliding images to your slideshow.
    Slide Indicators: The Slide widget now comes with a default indicator which shows slide count as well as your current slide position, also saving you time and effort from working on HTML. You can edit the default values from the Inspector panel.
    Initial Index: Start your slideshow from any slide. Go backwards if you wish.

vdp26_3 Small

We noticed most of you have a hard time remembering your App ID so we added a drop down list for your convenience where you can easily access and select the Apps you host on VDP.

Fixed the issue (mostly seen on ver. 10.7) where file gets wiped out when Manager auto restarts or is forced to quit.

VDP Manager v2.5 available for download

During our workshop in early March we’d mentioned we would feed you with regular updates and improvements based on your feedback. So here is a list of enhancements as promised. In this Update (2.5) we’ve been working mostly on usability improvements. Below you will see how you can benefit from each update. The new App is available for download here and also through the link within your current Manager App.


Cover Page Auto-Update: In outline view, each time you change the first page Manager will ask if you would like to change the cover of the magazine as well. If yes, magazine cover will update automatically. You can choose once and save your preference.

Hide Bars On Launch: We noticed many of you didn’t want the scroll bar to automatically appear on magazine launch. Since this is an important way to show readers how to navigate through the magazine we provided you with the option to close this feature in the inspector menu.

New Resize Options: We noticed sometimes it can be very frustrating trying to resize a widget and try not to mess the aspect ratio. This will fix your problems for good. We’ve updated the resize function so you can constrain the proportions when resizing an image, video or any other widget. You can also resize equally on all sides by pressing the Alt + Shift while moving any corner.

Drag & Drop Multiple Files: Probably one of the most awaited usability additions, you can now select multiple files and drag them onto VDP Manager’s work space. Manager will automatically recognize audio, video, pdf, HTML pretty much all formats and organize them in cascading order.

Retina, Non-Retina Transitions: When copying a page from retina to non-retina and vice versa you will now be asked to choose from one of two options. The first option will allow you to paste keeping the exact look and layout whereas the second option will allow to use original size of the assets when moving from Retina to Non-Retina.

Additional Improvements:
Handles and Cursors: Improved visuals on handles and cursors.
Visual Reminder: Added Retina display icon to remind type of document being worked on.
Easy Copy & Paste: We’ve made improvements to the copy and paste functions.

VDP Manager and Viewer Apps now available for download

The new VDP Manager and Viewer apps are now publicly available for download on the app store and our website. Please update your current versions simply by going to the app store for Viewer and download the Manager app directly from our website here. We’ve made some changes to VDP Manager’s distribution policy. As Apple’s approval procedure has been taking longer than anticipated we’ve decided to arrange a direct download through our web site. So you will continue to get updates for the Viewer App from the App Store and get the new Manager manually from our Website but don’t worry we’ll give you a heads up should there be any update.

Below are some significant issues you might consider before updating to the new version. We hope you’ll enjoy working with the VDP and continue to build awesome content. Thank you and enjoy!

Removing previous versions of VDP Manager
Before downloading the new Manager App make sure you remove all previous versions from your Applications Directory and your Mac. Working with two managers simultaneously is technically possible but might cause conflicts in some configurations, you’ll not receive technical support in such instances.

Can I continue working on previous versions?
Technically yes, but we strongly encourage all users upgrade to the new Manager since you will receive very limited support for old versions. We allow working with previous versions only to ensure continuity and not to interrupt any work in progress. Imagine, if an update for Manager were to arrive in the Mac App Store and you were working on a new issue your work in progress would’ve been disrupted. So feel free to work on old version but only to finish the task at hand.

Does old version support new Viewer?
Currently no, but we’ve compiled a new build for the old version which supports the new Viewer. So, if you need to continue on the previous version please update it here and replace it with your current Manager App.

VDP Portal enables sending Push Notifications

VDP users can now send push notifications right within our Portal. When you log in to VDP Portal you will see a new section named Push Notification on the left-side menu. In order to send a push notification, follow these simple steps:

  1. Add your certificate: If you have added a push certificate before, skip this step. Otherwise, select Certificate link from the menu and then press Add button. On that Upload Certificate form, provide your push notification production certificate as .p12 file and the password for it.
    Note: If you don't know how to obtain the p12 file, please refer to Local and Push Notification Programming Guide published by Apple. You need to achieve steps 1-7 on "Creating the SSL Certificate and Keys" and 1-3 on "Installing the SSL Certificate and Key on the Server".
  2. Make sure you have a valid certificate: On the certificates page, you will see the current push certificate. Make sure that it’s not expired. If it’s expired, go back to step 1 and replace the certificate with a newer one.
  3. List messages: Select Messages link on the menu. There you will see the list of previous messages with their title and send date.
  4. Send message: Press Send button. On the following form, provide a message name which is just for your future reference and won’t be seen by your users. Next, you need to enter at least one of three fiealds – text message, badge number and alert sound. Press Send and voila!

VDP Manager 2.4


The new VDP Manager (second generation, version 2.4) is on its way with an all-new GUI and feature set. The app is expected to hit the App Store in midst of next week. Magazine designers will hopefully find Manager easier and faster to work with. In terms of features, we’ve added a new widget for Audio. Animation settings for quick and smooth transition needs and a new welcome page allowing for easier project setup. An new inspector window is featured for the first time making Manager similar to any other Mac App providing a more organized toolset.

The new Manager App will continue to be a free app available for anyone with interest in mobile content development. Along the Manager App will come a new version of our Test App, VDP Viewer. Viewer is also optimized to work with Manager and its new feature set. The test app will be available same as Manager for both iPads and iPhones.